Hug Your Hound Day

Hug Your Hound Day, celebrated on the second Sunday of September, is not just a day to give your dog a big ol’ hug (although that is encouraged as well). Created by renowned dog trainer Ami Moore, Hug Your Hound Day was originally intended to bring attention to your pup’s health and happiness, as well as the tight-knit bond between owner and dog. To celebrate, we compiled a list of five fun ways to spend Hug Your Hound Day!

Woman Hugging Dog Silhouette

  1. Hug Your Hound! If you don’t have a hound to hug, check out your local shelter to rescue a new furry friend.
  2. Healthy is Happy. Maybe you’ve been putting off that vet trip, have recently noticed a strange lump on your pup, or are worried about his recent-developed limp. Take this day to check up on your pup’s health, because dogs cannot tell you when they’re not feeling well.
  3. It’s a Big World, After All. Ami Moore, founder of Hug Your Hound Day, also promoted the day as a time to see the world from your dog’s perspective. Take the time to realize something that seems so small to you may be frightening or uncomfortable for your furry friend, and understand that this can trigger negative behavior.
  4. Post a Pic! Honor your precious pup and their obedience and love by posting a photo of them to social media, using the hashtag #NationalHugYourHoundDay.
  5. The Easiest Way to Say ‘Thanks’. How do you say ‘thank you’ to a furry friend? Try saying ‘treat’! Treating your pup to Bark at the Moon’s All-Natural Meats shows your love and gratitude, and feeding them these healthy treats shows you care.


Take the time on September 10th to wish your pup a Happy Hug Your Hound Day by following any (or all!) of the tips above. As a gift from us to you on one of our favorite holidays, use code HOUNDTEN for 10% off your next entire order of Bark at the Moon Treats! Happy Hugging, friends!


Beat the Heat with These Tips

Funny dog sunbathing on summer

Summer can be a lot of fun for your furry friend– more walks, more time spent outdoors, and a lot more to explore! But, with August being the hottest month of the year, summer can also be a dangerous time for your dog. Dogs that are overheated can quickly become sick, resulting in heat stroke or even death. Follow these essential tips to keep your pup happy and healthy:

DODGE DEHYDRATION. Keep a bowl constantly full of fresh water outside during summer days and make sure your pup has a shady place to escape the sun (this is especially important to remember when bringing your dog along for a beach trip).


KNOW YOUR PUP’S LIMITATIONS. Avoid exercising your dog during extremely hot weather and pay special attention that dogs who are old, overweight, ill, or have flat faces (like pugs) remain in a cool, air-conditioned space to avoid heat stroke.

BETTER OFF AT HOME. While you might think it fun to take your pup along while you run errands on a nice day, you are actually putting him in danger. Regardless of whether or not you’ve parked your car in the shade or cracked a window, the inside of your car can easily heat up to 120 degrees in minutes during warm weather.

*IMPORTANT* If you notice a distressed dog locked in a car on a hot day, please ask store management to alert their shoppers of the crisis or call the police department. It’s your responsibility to take action, as the dog has no way of escaping this dangerous situation on their own.

TOO HOT TO TROT. The rules are simple: if the ground is too hot for bare feet, it’s too hot for bare paws. If you’re wearing shoes, test the ground with the back of your hand for excessive heat. The padding on your pet’s paws can burn easily, causing your pup pain and even injury.

We know that keeping your furbaby safe and happy is your #1 priority as a pawrent; following these tips will not only keep your pup healthy, but decrease the number of pets each year that succumb to heat stroke. Please share to spread the word!

National Pet Fire Safety Day – July 15

Happy Family at Cabin in the Woods

While you may have practiced fire safety drills or planned escape routes with household members, many forget to make a safety plan for their pets! While it may seem easy to write off pet fire safety as “if there’s an emergency, we’ll grab the pets and get out”, when the time comes you may find that this is not the case. National Pet Fire Safety Day exists for this purpose– to educate pet owners on the many ways to feel secure about their pet’s safety in any emergency situation. Pets are a part of your family, so be sure to follow the steps below to treat them as such.

1. KNOW GENERAL FIRE SAFETY. Fire-related emergencies are often the fault of the homeowner. Whether it’s being sure to blow out candles before bed or turning off the stove before leaving the house, don’t feel silly returning to your bathroom a second time to see if you unplugged that hair dryer. It could stop an emergency before it occurs.

2. BE CAUTIOUS FOR YOUR PET. It’s quite universally agreeable that furry friends are not exactly careful creatures. That’s why, as a pet owner, you should strive to be wary of them around fire. Furry, wagging tails are a danger around candles and fireplaces should be effectively barred to deter your pet’s curiosity.

3. MAKE IT EASY FOR RESCUERS. In the case that you are not home at the time of an emergency, it should be easy for rescuers to reach your furry friend. Keeping them secured in a space near an entrance will allow for a quicker and more seamless rescue.

4. MAKE IT EVEN EASIER FOR RESCUERS. The best way to achieve peace of mind when it comes to pet fire safety is a window sticker. Firefighters are accustomed to these stickers, which tell them what pets to look for and who to contact in an emergency. Stickers should be placed on a front-facing window of your home in clear view. These pet fire safety stickers are readily available FOR FREE by simply signing up for our Bark at the Moon Newsletter– so you have no excuse!


Remember that, unlike people, pets alone cannot escape an emergency situation. It is vital for you, just as a parent would with their child, to have their best interest in mind. Following the above steps will make your home a safer place for your pet to live and will work to decrease the inhumane number of pets that are affected by fire safety each year. Your first step toward pet fire safety can be a window sticker, provided free by us by signing up for our Bark at the Moon Newsletter, here. Stay safe!



Using Bark at the Moon Treats for Positive Reinforcement Training

Positive reinforcement has been praised in the dog training world for its harmlessness and progressive results. In a nutshell, positive reinforcement training requires owners to reward their pups for good behavior, as opposed to punishing them for bad behavior. Dogs are animals, and adjusting to the world of humans is not so easy. Positive reinforcement is a safe way to ease your dog into the rules of your home while not damaging the trust between you two with threatening actions. The main reason why positive reinforcement works so well relies on the reality that dogs live in the moment. You should react to your dog’s good behavior right away by, for example, rewarding him with Bark at the Moon Beef Liver Jerky. Your pup will associate the good behavior with a tasty Bark at the Moon Treat, and strive to repeat this good behavior in order to get more treats. This is the basis of positive reinforcement training.

This form of training is much more than just indulging your pup in all-natural treats– that’d be too easy! There are a few other things to keep in mind. The first is the most important: consistency. You’ve can’t reward your pet with love and affection when they jump on your bed one day, and then berate them when they jump up the next day. The same rules should be consistent with all household members as well; inconsistency will only confuse your poor pup as he tries to please everyone at once. The second thing to keep in mind is simplicity. Your furry friend may be smart, but not enough to know the whole English language. Keep your commands to a one-word minimum. For example, “sit” instead of “sit down”; “drop” instead of “drop the ball”; “down” instead of “no jumping”. Avoid “stop”, as you’re not giving your dog an alternative action to the one they’re currently performing. Keeping it simple will allow for better understanding between you and your pup. The last tip for effective positive reinforcement training is persistence. Raising a fur baby can be similar to raising a child. Keep a patient attitude and continue their training until you see improvement. Just like a child, your pup may take a while to learn the rules or even surprise you by catching on quickly.

The driving force of positive reinforcement is that you are not creating a barrier of fear and anxiety between you and your pet by resorting to physically hostile behavior. Instead, you are building a bridge of trust and understanding between you two by compelling your pet to associate good behavior– and you– with treats, belly rubs, and praises. The four key elements of positive reinforcement training to remember are: consistency, simplicity, persistence, and a cupboard stocked with Bark at the Moon All-Natural Treats for rewards! Want to begin now? Here’s 10% off your next order of Bark at the Moon Treats so you can start training right away: just use code BARKIN10 at checkout.

Celebrate – Be Kind To Animals Week – May 2017!

It’s the first week of May, otherwise known as Be Kind to Animals Week! The emphasis on treating animals with care and affection began after World War I, when the public became aware that 10 million horses had died fighting alongside their men across Europe. That year, the American Humane held a meeting to discuss stressing humane education and animal welfare, and Be Kind to Animals Week was born. Since then, the first or second week of May has been dedicated to showing compassion toward all living creatures.

Although it may seem obvious that animals should be treated with kindness and love, many turn a blind eye to the abuse that goes on behind food companies’ closed doors or cruelty that happens in other parts of the world. You treat your pets with love, kind-heartedness, and Bark at the Moon Treats, but what can you do for the rest of Earth’s creatures? Here are a few ways to show you care:


  1. Strive to buy humanely raised products. You may have to do a little research into companies to weed out the farms that don’t treat their animals with respect and gratitude. Making the choice to buy humanely farmed eggs, meat, and dairy may seem small, but showing support to humane farms makes all the difference.
  2. Educate yourself, your friends, and family. Take time to learn about Earth’s wild animals and the little things you can do to aid endangered species and prevent extinction. It could be something as trivial as choosing a Humane-Certified zoo as the family outing.
  3. Speak out against cruelty toward animal actors. Look for films that specifically mention that no animals were harmed in the making. If you come across a questionable film, something as simple as spreading the word on social media could help raise awareness for the need to be kind to animals.
  4. Adopt! There is no better way to show compassion toward animals than to welcome one into the safety of your home. Adopting from an animal shelter or rescue is the most direct way to save an animal’s life. Boycotting disreputable breeders and pet shops will assist in reducing animal abuse and puppy mills.

Besides these four options, remember to treat your own furry friend with the love he deserves. Remind yourself to care for him by feeding him safe foods, keeping up with his hygiene, and presenting him with lots of opportunities for exercise and play. The easiest way to celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week? By spoiling your dog with Bark at the Moon Treats!  Use promo code: BARKIN10 at checkout on Amazon  to receive 10% off your entire first purchase of Bark at the Moon Natural Treats.  Plus Amazon offers free shipping to its Prime Members or orders over $35.



To learn more on the origins of Be Kind to Animals Week and what you can do, visit

Celebrate National Pet Day – April 11

April 11th is National Pet Day! Time to celebrate and cherish your pets for their constant love and affection. As you may have noticed, it doesn’t take much to make your pet happy. Toss your dog or cat their favorite Bark at the Moon treat and they’re ecstatic! But say you’re looking to take National Pet Day a little bit further… How can you celebrate?


Take your pet on an adventure! If the weather is right, take your pet on a walk, hike, or to visit a park. With winter coming to an end, it’s likely your pet will be itching to get out of the house, stretch their legs, and explore.


Pamper your pet! Did I hear ‘spa day’? Although your pet might not enjoy it at first, it may be high time that they get a bath or get their nails clipped. Owners can sometimes neglect the maintenance of their pet’s hygiene, which can be derogatory to the pet’s health. Make bath time more enjoyable by showering your pet in their favorite trea

Shopping! Even if you don’t have the time to take your pet out and gander through the collection of toys at your local pet store, stop by the store on your way home from work and grab a little something for your pet. Most likely, your pet will be excited about whatever you pick out.


Adopt! April 11th isn’t only a day to show love to existing pets, it’s also a time to seek out potential pets as well! If you’re looking to take a furry friend into your home, do your research to locate a reputable adoption program. Many aren’t aware that dogs aren’t the only adoptable pet– there are rescues for cats, rabbits, rodents, and reptiles as well!


Donate! Say you’re not ready to make room for another pet, but you’re still concerned for those without a home. Take the time to bring treats, toys, or old blankets and beds to your local shelter. Most shelters barely have enough money to maintain facilities, never mind provide the pups with these extra goodies. Show these furbabies some love by donating supplies or money to your shelter.

Bark at the Moon would like to help you celebrate National Pet Day with your furry friend by offering 10% off your next entire purchase using promo code:  PETDAY10 at checkout for a limited time.   Visit us at – home of Bark at the Moon Natural Treats.

Happy National Pet Day from Bark at the Moon!

K9 Veterans Day – March 13

On March 13th, 1942, the United States K9 Corps was established, and dogs began to serve and protect beside their humans. Today, March 13 is K9 Veterans Day– a day to thank and honor our furry veterans that sacrificed their lives for our country and soldiers. Dogs have been man’s best friends for years, but becoming man’s protector and companion is even more remarkable. This day honors not only the dogs that served in the armed forces, but those working with police, customs, border patrol, service, and therapy as well. These dogs have gone above and beyond, in many circumstances putting others’ lives before theirs in acts of devotion and bravery.


Showing our four-legged veterans that you’re grateful for their service isn’t as easy as saying “thank you” to a human veteran or officer. For these pups, it’s more about your actions than words, but there are still many ways to show you’re thankful. Several nonprofit organizations provide supplies, such as bulletproof vests or temperature-regulating clothing, to dogs in the field. This equipment can be vital, as many dogs find themselves in the line of fire while working with the military or law enforcement. Making a donation to these organizations will promote the safety and health of working dogs by providing them with life-saving equipment. Scroll to the bottom of this article for a list of organizations.


To go above and beyond for these dogs, as they have done for you and your country, consider adopting a K9 veteran. While most pups retire with their handlers, there are numerous veteran dogs without handlers looking for a home. You can adopt one of these dogs, and give them a forever home in which they can rest after their days of duty are over, by looking into the many organizations that work to provide these dogs a place to live out their days. It is important that these dogs find themselves in a peaceful, loving home, in reward for the devoted work they have performed for us. Scroll to the bottom of this article for a list of organizations that can match you with one of these heroic pups.


Lastly, as you take March 13 to thank our four-legged veterans for their courage and unbelievable dedication, reserve a few minutes of your day to sign the online petition to make K9 Veterans Day nationally recognized (at the moment, only individual states acknowledge it). Sign the petition at

veteransday2016  – Home of Bark at the Moon Treats


Links to organizations that provide supplies for working dogs:


Links to organizations that find homes for K9 veterans:

5 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Dog

Whether or not you have a special someone this Valentine’s Day, it’s a day of celebrating love- so don’t forget the undying love between you and your furry friend!  We don’t have to tell you that your dog loves you unconditionally, because you witness it every time you come home and he dances around in excitement, or every time you trip over him and he forgives you instantly. Since dogs cannot speak much English, and giving them flowers and chocolate is out of question, here are a few Valentine’s Day date ideas for you and your pup.

  1. Go on a hike. Dogs love getting out and sniffing just about everything in sight. Taking him out for a brisk winter hike will help him relieve excessive pent-up energy and will serve as a fun adventure for your furry friend. Don’t forget his coat!
  2. Go out to eat. Seek out a dog friendly restaurant by searching the Internet for a place close by. You’d be surprised- many restaurants accept four-legged customers, and even encourage them by offering pup-friendly meal options.Two chihuahua dogs at the table
  3. Have a fancy dinner at home. With the Internet and Pinterest, it’s super easy to discover recipes that dogs can enjoy. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef- your pup is sure to appreciate the final result regardless!
  4. Sledding. Find yourself buried in snow this Valentine’s Day? Grab your sled, bundle up your pup, and hit the slopes! Even if your dog finds that he does not enjoy being on the sled, he will enjoy running after you in it!
  5. It’s the little things. Don’t have a lot of time? Remember that, for your dog, every little thing matters. A belly rub, or a Bark at the Moon treat, will let them know that you appreciate the love they show you every day.


Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, make sure to shower your furry friend with hugs, kisses, and of course, lots of treats.


“A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” – Josh Billings

National Train Your Dog Month 2017

January is National Train Your Dog Month!  For the New Year, think about making some resolutions for not only you, but your dog as well! This may require some work on your part; however, you’ll end up with a better-behaved pup.  January was given this title after it was noted that many dogs were being dropped off at shelters at this time, after families that had given the pet as a gift during the holiday season found that they could not control its bad behavior. In almost all these circumstances, the problem lies with the owner and not the dog! Knowing how to properly train a dog will allow for the animal to learn the rules that come with living in a home, resulting in emptier shelters and better households.


f38bd950-9647-46d6-8838-fb81f235e9efA key component to training your new dog is giving it a name that it will associate with both discipline and rewards. Choosing a name isn’t as easy as picking out something “cute”; it is recommended that the name be short and end in a strong consonant. Try saying the name out loud in both loving and stern tones, to deem it appropriate. Before even bringing your dog home, set rules that will be consistent throughout the whole home. For example, the new pup will not be allowed on beds and definitely not fed at the table. Discuss these rules with all household members, so the dog doesn’t get confused when one person feeds him under the table and another scolds him for begging. When your dog has done something bad, be sure to reprimand them for it immediately. If you wait until you’ve cleaned up the mess, they might’ve already forgotten about it completely, therefore not understanding your scolding. Scolding your dog should never include hitting or screaming. Instead, use a strong stern voice and even push them gently until they’re laying on the ground belly-up (a sign of submission). When your dog has done something good, be sure to praise him exceedingly for it, so that he gets the message. For instance, you drop chocolate on the floor (poisonous to dogs) and you tell your dog to “sit” and “stay” so you can pick it up. If he listens, make sure you give him instant belly rubs, kisses, loving words, and even a treat to reward him for such good behavior.


For a reward that won’t compromise your dog’s health or all-natural diet, try Bark at the Moon treats. Offered in four meaty flavors that have all been taste-approved by our very own brand mascots, Demoiselle and Bear, all Bark at the Moon treats are grain-free, low-fat, and made of all-natural ingredients harvested here in the United States. The treats are free of harmful artificial colors, flavors, fillers, and preservatives, and are chock-full of natural proteins and nutrients. Bark at the Moon treats are great for training, as they are easy to break into small pieces for rewarding good behavior! All four treats can be found on our website and are exclusively sold on Amazon who offers free shipping to its Prime Members or on any size order over $49.  Use Promo Code:  BARKIN10 to receive 10% off your entire first order!


Happy New Year and Happy Training from us at Green Butterfly Brands!

5 Tips for Celebrating the Holidays with Your Dog

It’s true that the holidays are a busy time- but don’t forget about your dog! Take these 5 easy steps toward a safer environment for your pup, and you can be reassured that the both of you will enjoy a less stressful holiday season.


  1. “Dog-ifying” Your Tree

Just like having a baby, having a dog requires some dog-proofing around the house. During the holidays, Christmas trees can pose a threat your furry friend. The first step to “dog-ifying” your tree is keeping your ornaments off the bottom branches. It’s very easy for a dog to walk underneath, or swat one with his tail, causing the ornament to fall on the floor. Glass ornaments especially pose a threat because broken glass, unbeknownst to you, can be stepped one or even ingested by a dog.

  1. Candles

Everyone loves a good Christmas candle during the holiday season; however, they can be extremely dangerous around pets. Keep your candles high above your dog’s reach. It’s less likely that your dog will be curiously investigating the candle and more likely that an accident will occur when your dog is wagging his tail by it.


  1. Holiday Plants

Popular plants to have around the house during the holiday season include holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia. All three of these plants are poisonous to dogs! If you do decorate your house with any of these, keep them out of reach of your dog to ensure that they stay healthy throughout the holidays.

  1. A Stress-Free Environment

The holidays are a stressful time for any person- but imagine if you are a dog! Dogs don’t know that it’s the holiday season; all they know is that the house is suddenly bustling with more people than normal, the strange FedEx man keeps showing up, and their familiar surroundings have abruptly changed to include Christmas decorations, visiting relatives, and a giant tree. To reduce stress for your furry friend, try to not stray from their normal schedule, which includes feeding times, walks, and playtime. Most importantly, do not forget your dog outside for long periods of time! Stress, along with bitterly cold weather, could be treacherous to your pup.


  1. Safe Gifts for Furry Friends

Whilst holiday shopping, of course the first to shop for on your list is the most deserving: your dog! To ensure that your pup has a safe and enjoyable Christmas morning, avoid buying toys with small parts that could pose a choking hazard. It’s easy for dogs to choke on bones as well. The safest way for your furry friend to celebrate the holidays with you is to surprise them with Bark at the Moon treats. All Bark at the Moon treats are grain-free and great for dogs of all ages and diets; they can also be broken into smaller pieces for smaller pets.


Visit our website to purchase your dog’s Bark at the Moon gift.  Treat your pal & support the troops!  We donate to train service dogs for wounded Veterans, Our Military Heroes.  Wishing All a Happy and Safe Holiday season from us at Green Butterfly Brands!